What is it like to start working on a treadmill desk?

Samantha-Leigh Harper of NuBeginnings was the lucky winner of a month free treadmill desk trial at the StartupGrind CPT in April. At the event Bob Skinstad was the first in South Africa to be interviewed on one of Walk & Work’s bike desks.

Yes, a bike desk, or just the stationary bike, as essentially Bob was peddling on his bike, with StartupGrind’s host Guillaume De Smedt peddling on his bike on the other side of the standing table. A peak into what future meeting rooms will look like?


Samantha was over the moon being the winner, and had her treadmill desk installed a few days after. We asked her a few questions to find out what the experience was like.


Before having a treadmill desk in your office, how many hours were you usually sitting, and how did you try to incorporate activity into your day, if any?

I bought myself a stand-up desk last year, so was trying to sit at a minimal. However, was sitting still 3 – 4 hours a day, which wasn’t great.

What kind of work do you do while on the treadmill desk?

Catching up on all my emails…. The tough part  I found myself more going there when feeling a bit overwhelmed with work.

Was there something that took a while to get adjusted to, or that you can’t do?


What is the main noticeable difference for you now that you’re working on a treadmill desk?

It does give a new focus. It’s like taking time out to walk around or go to the shop, just that I can now multi-task and work at the same time.

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