Get started to walk & work on a treadmill desk

Walking and working at the same time might seem unrealistic at first, but when you follow the steps below, you'll soon notice it's actually a great way to get a lot of work done.

Get started:

  1. Place your laptop on the desk
  2. Make sure that the digits on the screen are blinking, indicating the ‘weight’ (light next to ‘weight’ is burning); or that the screen is ‘off’.
    • If you see other numbers blinking, press & hold “STOP/PAUSE” to reset the treadmill.
    • If the screen is off, press & hold “ON/START”
  3. On the control panel of the desk, in the centre on the arm rest, adjust the Desk Height with the arrow buttons. The height should be comfortable to walk upright, and not bend forward (elbow height).
  4. With the blue arrow up/down on the right, you can adjust your weight. This will ensure the metrics on calories burned are more accurate.
  5. Press & hold “ON/START” button, the treadmill desk will start at 0.6km/h
  6. Adjust the pace with the blue arrow buttons on the right (the same ones as were used to adjust the weight). Walk slowly, especially when first getting started. Find your comfortable pace between 1.7 to 2.1km/h


To pause or end your session:

  1. Press “STOP/PAUSE” to pause. When pressing start again, the treadmill will start at the same pace as you were ending the session.
  2. To end your session, hold “STOP/PAUSE”. The counter will now reset.




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