Top 10 articles on ‘benefits of walking’

1. Mark's Daily Apple: 17 Reasons to Walk More This Year >> Read article 

2. AHA (American Heart Association): Walking Toward a Healthier You. >> Read article 

3. NY Times: Why a brisk walk is better. >> Read article 

4. Harvard Medical School: Benefits of Walking: Your steps to health  >> Read article 

5. BUPA: Interactive Infographic on benefits of walking. >> Read article 

6. Arthritis Foundation: Mental benefits of walking >> Read article 

7. National Post: Walking vs. running: Slow and steady may provide equal health benefits, U.S. study says. >> Read article 

8. Stanford: Stanford study finds walking improves creativity >> Read article 

9. Huffington Post: 9 Ways To Walk More Today >> Read article 

10. Art of Manliness: Solvitur Ambulando: It Is Solved By Walking >> Read article 

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