Workouts at your treadmill desk: LA Times

When a Mayo researcher developed a $4,000-plus treadmill for desk workers, along came a host of lower-cost, move-while-you-work accessories. Some of the best are reviewed here.
You don’t need to be a Mayo Clinic researcher to figure out that being glued to an office chair all day makes people fat, but that’s what it took to start a revolution. A few years ago, the clinic’s Dr. James Levine theorized that raising one’s metabolism through low-level, daylong movement could burn at least as many calories as a conventional workout at the end of an inactive day. 

He proved it by grafting a treadmill to a desk - his test subjects got healthier and walked off dozens of pounds without breaking a sweat at a 2 km/h pace. Naturally, that led to the Levine-designed $4,199 Steelcase Walkstation, followed by a host of lower-cost, move-while-you-work accessories, some of the best of which are reviewed below.
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