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Paul Golin had what he calls a “heart-health episode” a couple years ago. “And I knew one of the contributing factors was my sedentary lifestyle,” he recalls.

As associate director of the Jewish Outreach Institute in Lower Manhattan, Golin didn’t exactly need to bounce around much. 

“I sat in front of a computer all day,” he says. “I didn’t move.”

Golin’s suspicion that his stationary ways were inflicting harm was well-founded. In fact, a growing body of research suggests the effects of sitting all day are worse than previously realized, offering desk workers new reasons for alarm.

Last year, researchers at the Mayo Clinic reported that those who sat at work were much more likely to face maladies such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and thrombosis — plus, they tended to be the most overweight. And the American Cancer Society published results of a 14-year study that concluded that the more time people log in a chair, the greater their risk of early death — even if they exercise regularly.

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