Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Sounds a bit hyperbolic – doesn’t it? Are scientists exaggerating the effects of sitting? Below are 9 articles that explain how sitting is actually just as unhealthy as smoking. 

1. Huffington Post: Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation >> Read article

2. CBS: Sitting At Work For Hours Can Be As Unhealthy As Smoking >> Read article

3. Harvard Business Review: Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation >> Read article

4. CBN: Get Off Your Duff! Sitting Is the 'New Smoking' >> Read article

5. Medical Daily: A Workday Of Inactivity Could Offset Any Benefits Of Exercise >> Read article

6. The Paleo Secret: Sitting Worse for you than Smoking? >> Read article

7. Sitting: the New Smoking >> Read article

8. Runners World: Is Sitting The New Smoking? >> Read article

9. BusinessWeek: Is Sitting the New Smoking for This Generation? >> Read article

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