A standing desk? What's that? Part II

In part I, we discussed what a standing desk is and why it's a good idea. Now it's time to fine-tune the standing desk to your needs...

Q: What's the ideal standing desk for me?
We prefer height-adjustable standing desks as they're more versatile and can be used for sitting too. The hand-cranked sit-to-stand desk is a simple solution; all you have to do is adjust the legs until the desk level is right for you. 

The standard size for a desk from Walk & Work is 850 x 1150 cm (choose from three finishes: Hayward cherry, light maple and mahogany). Our desks can be customized, however. Go as big as you like, depending on how much surface area you need to perform like a maestro.


If you'd like your standing desk to include storage space, make it double-layered (or just add filing trays on top). We also recommend the slight bean shape so that the desk allows for more dynamic movement of the body.

Feel free to chat to Walk & Work CEO Jan Folmer about the best options for your body, office space and type of work.

Q: But I really like my beautiful wooden/antique/I'm a VIP/Mr Price desk! 

Don't worry, you don't have to chuck your current desk... just move between the two. You may find certain tasks work really well at the standing desk and others better at your usual desk. The advantage of having both? When someone moans about your messy desk, point to the other (clean!) one.

If office space is an issue (and you don't have any deep emotional attachments to your current desk), you may want to replace your desk entirely with a height-adjustable desk, so you can alternate between sitting or standing during the day. 

Corporates may like to provide one standing desk per team, to save space and so that employees can rotate during the day.

Q: The truth: is it expensive?
A: Find our prices here. This includes free door-to-door delivery by courier anywhere in South Africa (and there's no extra cost to customize your desk). Of course we're a little biased - we really believe in our healthy workplace solutions - but we think it's worth the investment.

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