Director of Voys SA more productive on a treadmill desk

Sebastiaan van Dorssen
Sebastiaan is the co-founder of and a facilitator of Voys, a business telephone service provider that is on the cutting edge of the latest developments in the industry.  We had a quick chat with this self-proclaimed “Walk & Work evangelist”.

Can you take us through the first few minutes of you using the treadmill desk?

The folks from Walk & Work installed the desk. I got on it, adjusted the height of the desk with the press of a button. I opened up my laptop, pressed start and set the speed to 2.2 Km/h. It was a strange sensation. The idea of walking on "gym equipment" while working. It feels a bit eccentric. "Shouldn't I be working?” But that's just psychological, of course. You need to ignore this because it fades in 10 minutes. 

What would you say takes the most getting used to while using the treadmill desk?

For me, it was getting my posture right in combination with the right height of the desk. I tended to stand too close to the desk. It also takes a few hours for your eyes to adjust to the movement while concentrating on your screen. 

How has using the treadmill desk improved your life?

I'm not one to sit still for long. When I get restless or feel distracted sitting behind my desk, I jump up and get walking for an hour or so. It takes just a few minutes for me to get in a flow state. I also have more energy when I get home after a day at the office. 

Do you think more people and companies should make use of treadmill desk? If so, why? 

At Voys, we're passionate about technology and how it can be used to make work more enjoyable and help make employees more productive. When a productivity enhancing tool comes out, we're often among the first to try it.

Once you open your eyes to it, you realise how much research is being done on health issues related to sitting. Sitting is "the new smoking". There is more and more coverage on this issue, even The Economist is writing about this. A healthy work environment will lead to healthier, happier and more productive employees. That’s the bottom line. What really caught my attention, though, are the benefits of walking on increasing productivity and especially creativity. 

Would you recommend the treadmill desk to others?

Yes. And I do. You can call me the Walk & Work treadmill desk evangelist!


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