Transformation of a former chair-bound Director

Uchi Gappah
As the Director of Nurture Capital Partners, Uchi Gappah (31) specialises in transforming the way businesses run. Personally, he gets moving with a treadmill desk, and we ask him about his workout.  

Did you have ant reservations about trying the treadmill desk?

Initially, it seemed a little surreal and not practical.

What was the primary reason for you wanting to try the treadmill desk out?

That the machine could help me adjust to work very quickly in the morning, and I didn’t have to stress about going for a run after work.  I generally wake up quite early to do some work and it takes me quite a while to get into work mode.  I would then have to take a break from work to go for a run and then, after the run, try and get back into work mode.  Trying the treadmill desk made sense because:

  1. It helps me get into work mode quicker.
  2. I don’t have to take a break to go for a run.
  3. I don’t lose time between going for a run and getting back into work mode.

Do you think more people and companies should make use of the treadmill desk? If so, why?

It’s a no-brainer.  I find that I am very productive on the machine and I am not as easily distracted.  It also gives a bit of variation to the monotony of sitting at a desk.

How has using the treadmill desk changed your life outside of the office?

I am a lot fitter, I eat better because the machine has increased my metabolism and I have lost weight.  I can tell the difference because I am now a better hiker than before.

How do you think the treadmill desk experience can be improved?

By adding a gradient function to the machine.

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