Walk & Work in Glamour


We got to meet Pnina Fenster, the chief editor of Glamour a few months ago. Pnina is not only glamourous herself, she’s also an incredibly warm person, ánd curious, as it appeared. She asked us whether she could try out walking & working as she’d seen her colleague Craig Tyson working away on his treadmill desk. We gave her a treadmill desk on trial to get some feedback from somebody who normally walks on high heels.

glamour-treadmill-deskWhen I checked in with Pnina, she was completely confused: “How is it possible to still write when walking?” Ambitiously marching off at 6km/h to have a good exercise she found herself not being able to write anymore. When we chatted about it we had a good laugh, cause yes: it’s walking & working, so walking at a pace that allows you to work. For most people that’s about 2km/h, which gives you movement, riggs up your metabolism, while you're still able to read, speak, and type.

In the March edition of Glamour she writes about the treadmill desk, as one of the solutions to sit less. You can read the article below, and pick up the latest edition of Glamour to read more about wellness, beauty, celebrities, and fashion.


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