January 22, 2016

"I feel more alert and my concentration improved"

Costas Constantinou
Costas is the Chief Executive Director of Aerios, a company that specialises in developing, negotiating and managing sponsorship and advertising contracts across different platforms.  He recently took some time out of his busy schedule to chat about his experience using a treadmill desk.


How did you hear about the treadmill desk? 

I have been researching treadmill desks for a few years and came across the brand that you are distributing some time back.

What were the first few minutes using the treadmill desk like for you?

It was fine, took some getting used to. But it does not take long to get accustomed to working standing upright.

How has using the treadmill desk improved your life?

 It is great for my mind knowing that I am not so sedentary (a lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity). It also makes me feel more alert, and I can concentrate better.

Do you think more people and companies should make use of treadmill desk? If so,  why? 

Yes, because of all the health benefits

How do you think the treadmill desk experience can be improved? 

Maybe an incline option might be good.