Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will walking on a Treadmill Desk disrupt my concentration?
A: Not at all. In fact many studies have shown that your concentration and productivity will increase while working at a Treadmill Desk. You will notice immediately that you do no longer suffer from bouts of fatigue that plague you after lunch and later in the day. Increased blood flow to the brain also keeps you sharp and attentive.
Q: Will I lose weight?
A: Some customers have lost 20 kg or more in a year. Losing at least 0.5 kg per week is a highly attainable goal. For more detailed information on the health benefits, click here.
Q: Is it wise to walk all day?
A: Our species has evolved over millions of years to walk 30 - 35 miles per day, yet we have became sedentary only within the last century. The question should be: is it safe to sit all day? And the answer to that is a resounding NO. Read the research on the health benefits of the Treadmill Desk here. Read the research on the health benefits of the Treadmill Desk here.
Q: Is anyone really doing this?
A: Actually, thousands of people are already incorporating walking with Treadmill Desks into their daily lives at universities, corporations, small businesses and home offices all over the world. Local and national news programmes and print media have reported favourably on the popularity and health-restoring qualities of this new way to work. Read more
Q: Does it take a lot of perseverance or willpower?
A: No. Placing your work, hobbies, phone and keyboard/mouse on your Treadmill Desk assures you walk daily. After a week or so, you will notice an eagerness to start your day off walking. Within a few weeks, you will wonder how you ever spent your entire day sitting at a desk.
Q: Will I sweat?
A: No sweat! This is a no sweat proposition. Your normal walking speed is about 4.5 km/h. Walking at 1.8 km/hr with the Treadmill Desk, you won't notice a difference, yet you will gain significant health benefits You may eventually increase to a faster pace and treadmill elevation without sweating, but this is different for everyone. Room temperature, clothing and individual capabilities all need to be considered. Sweating is not necessary to lose weight and is not a concern walking slowly while working.
Q: Will it lower my cholesterol
A: Studies have shown that walking on a regular basis will boost the levels of your HDL (good cholesterol) and that recurring weight loss may assist in the lowering of your LDL levels (bad cholesterol).Read more on the research behind the Treadmill Desk
Q: I never lost weight at the gym, how is this different?
A: Many of us have toiled for our 45 minutes to an hour in a gym, three times a week, to no apparent avail (when measured by the scale). Walking with a Treadmill Desk keeps your body moving at a rate conducive to burning fat throughout the day. Over a period of months this translates into wonderful weight loss results and an increase in energy.
Q: What's so great about walking
A: Here is a list of benefits gained by walking at a Treadmill Desk – many will surprise you. It truly is the best exercise for your body.
Q: What is all this about 10,000 steps a day
A: This recommendation from the US Surgeon General illustrates how active you should be to maintain your health and has sent the sale of pedometers soaring. You will not need a pedometer when walking with a Treadmill Desk. At only 1.8 km/hr you will achieve this Daily Recommended Amount of steps in just 3 hours. Increase the speed to 2.4 km/hr and you hit this goal in just 2.35 hours.
Q: How many calories will I burn?
A: That depends on your body and activity level. The average calories burned by a male weighing 86 kg is 290 for one hour of walking and 132 for one hour of sitting. So, you burn twice as many calories while walking.
Q: Can I type or write at a treadmill desk
A: Yes, rather easily in fact. However, the faster your speed settings the more challenging it can become to write. Everyone is different in this regard, so experiment for the right walking speed for you.
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