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We love the Treadmill Desk solution here at Walk & Work. But don’t just take our word for it… check out what mainstream media has to say about this revolutionary new approach to a healthier office environment.

SABC - Expresso Show: Walk while you work!

Graeme Richards gave walking on a treadmill desk a try to explore alternatives of sitting at a desk.
Video duration: 7:05 min

eNCA – TechReport: is South Africa ready for treadmill desks?

The Treadmill Desk solution, new to many South Africans, is now being offered by Walk & Work. eNCA’s Tech Report reporter Juliet McGuire explores the Treadmill Desk’s features.
Video duration: 4:34 min

Treadmill Desks Helping City Workers Lose Weight

Some employees in the City of Dallas 311 call center are walking off extra weight, all while working their usual jobs. The department added a Trek Desk (Treadmill Desk) last year, to give workers an alternative to their sedentary work styles.
Video duration: 1:39 min

BBC: Treadmill Desks: How practical are they?

Bombarded with adverts promising a longer, healthier life, BBC News Los Angeles correspondent Peter Bowes goes in search of eternal youth. Could walking while we work significantly improve our chances of living to a ripe old age?
Video duration: 2:39 min

CBS: Sitting: How bad is it for your health?

CBS explores the negative health effects of sitting. Several new studies show prolonged sitting is now being linked to increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and even early death.
Video duration: 2:21 min

CNBC: Treadmill Desk and Wine to Water

Walking at work behind your Treadmill Desk helps you to lose weight. You can now also donate your walked miles to the W3 Project.
Video duration: 2:14 min

ABC: Sitting is hazardous to health

A recent study reveals that 6 hours or more of sitting directly impacts your risk for many diseases. The solution is simple: some companies install the Treadmill Desk.

Video duration: 3:39 min

Lunch Break: Treadmill Desk puts the work in workout

Walking on a slow moving treadmill behind a Treadmill Desk puts the work in workout. It increases productivity, and lowers the health risks of a sedentary life.

Video duration: 3:39 min

Fox News: Fox and Friends with Gretchen

Is your chair killing you? Sitting too much leads to shorter life. The Treadmill Desk is a treadmill with a desk attached. Please note that Gretchen Carlson is NOT demonstrating the usage of the treadmill correctly.

Video duration: 3:39 min

Fox News: Combat the health hazards of sitting

The idea of the Treadmill Desk is to combat the health hazards of sitting by getting people up and walking behind a desk. Fox News Tech Take reviews the Treadmill Desk.

Video duration: 4:23 min

A convert about the Treadmill Desk

Hear what Anissa Rogers has to say about her new fitness office. It's an excellent way to improve posture, and just feel good at the end of the day.

Video duration: 2:03 min

A healthy workforce is not sedentary

Walking workstations (Treadmill Desks) are being installed to get sedentary workers moving more. Working while walking creates a healthier workforce, improving your company’s bottom-line and your employee’s waistline.

Video duration: 3:39 min

Treadmill Desk reviewed

Doing a slow burn is very beneficial to the body. Instead of sitting down, walk slowly and live a healthier life. The Treadmill Desk is getting rave reviews. This video shows some of these enthusiastic customers.

Video duration: 1:28 min

FOX/ABC: Sitting can be your body’s biggest enemy

At UCLA, Doctor Christian Roberts has been studying the impacts of inactivity. Doctor Jim Levine also weighs in on the benefits of walking versus sitting.

Video duration: 3:46 min

Benefits of walking with Treadmill Desk

Here are just some of the facts regarding the benefits of the Treadmill Desk. 90% decrease in the risk of first heart attacks; 50% decrease in risk of type II diabetes; 70% decrease in risk of stroke. Chairs are killing us one day at the time.

Video duration: 4:21 min

Losing weight on Treadmill Desk

A new way to work, the Treadmill Desk will help you to lose weight while working. Gain energy by walking a few hours a day. Greg lost 11 kg by coming to work; he never went to the gym. Other Treadmill Desk users chip in on the benefits of walking while working.

Video duration: 3:36 min

WFMJ: Use the Treadmill Desk to stay healthy

A man is built to walk, not to sit. Burn 100 calories per hour while walking (twice as many as sitting!), and you can lose 30 kg per year while working without changing your diet.

Video duration: 1:35 min

Inside E Street: Sitting is just as bad as smoking

The Treadmill Desk is making the office heart healthy and the employee less sedentary. Improve your health by being more active during the day. Spend your work day in motion.

Video duration: 2:00 min

ABC 15 News: Health benefits of Treadmill Desk

Attorney David Harowitz is using the Treadmill Desk on a daily basis. It was time for a change when he was diagnosed with type II diabetes.

Video duration: 2:00 min

Channel 6: Health check report (Action News)

One of the most popular excuses for not exercising is too much time spent on the job. A new invention lets you work and work out at the same time.

Video duration: 2:07 min