Research and Reviews

We love the Treadmill Desk solution here at Walk & Work. But don’t just take our word for it… check out what research and independent reviews have to say about this revolutionary new approach to a healthier office environment.



The detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle, and the benefits of walking have been confirmed by a myriad of scientific studies, some of which we have highlighted below.

  Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineJOEM-research
  Companies with healthy workforces outperform the JSE All Share Index >> Read article >>

Science News
Recommended levels of activity rarely achieved in busy workplace environment >> Read article >>

Treadmill Workstations: The Effects of Walking while Working on Physical Activity and Work Performance >> Read article >>

The Lancet
Effect of physical inactivity on major non-communicable diseases worldwide: an analysis of burden of disease and life expectancy >> Read article >>

British Journal of Sports Medicine
The energy expenditure of using a "walk-and-work" desk for office workers with obesity. >> Read article >>

Sedentariness is associated with weight gain and obesity. A 1-year prospective trial. >> Read article >>

American College of Sports Medicine
Sedentary Behaviors Increase Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Men >> Read article >>

Breaks in sedentary time: beneficial associations with metabolic risk. >> Read article >>

Oxford Journals
Leisure Time Spent Sitting in Relation to Total Mortality in a Prospective Cohort of US Adults >> Read article >>

Sitting Time and All-Cause Mortality Risk in 222 497 Australian Adults >> Read article >>

European Journal of Developmental Psychology
Cognitive performance is improved while walking >> Read article >>


The treadmill desk solution has been reviewed by hundreds of websites, we have highlighted some below.

The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal names the Treadmill Desk as way to conquer the dangers of sitting. >> Read article >>

Scientific American
The Scientific American blames the chair of ruining your health at the office. >> Read article >>

New York Post
NY Post Article on corporate use of the Treadmill Desk >> Read article >>

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times reviews the Treadmill Desk. >> Read article >>

Forbes Magazine
Forbes Magazine calls the treadmill desk “one of the best workplace luxuries anywhere” >> Read article >>

U.S. News & World Report
U.S. News & World Report recommends Treadmill Desks >> Read article >>

Scientific American
Scientific American selects Treadmill Desk for annual top 10 Gadget Guide (2010) >> Read article >>

Lance Armstrong’s highlights the Treadmill Desk >> Read article >>

Chicago Tribune 
The Chicago Tribune cites health benefits of the Treadmill Desk >> Read article >>