Our shift from rural life to an information age, in which work is often desk- or computer-bound and social media, mobile devices and TV dominate our free time, has led to us sitting more and moving less. 
Recently we have begun to see the detrimental health effects of a sedentary lifestyle and its economic implications. Walk & Work provides treadmill desks that will improve employee health, productivity and happiness.



The exercise with possibly the most benefits

March 17, 2017

Walking may seem easy and stress-free, but did you know that making it a habit to walk daily has many health benefits? Walking can trim your waistline, improve your heart health, help manage type-2 diabetes, improve your balance and coordination, and more. Our friends at Jen Reviews wrote a great piece on 50 amazing benefits of walking daily, according to science.

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Walk & Work in Glamour

March 09, 2017

We got to meet Pnina Fenster, the chief editor of Glamour a few months ago. Pnina is not only glamourous herself, she’s also an incredibly warm person, ánd curious, as it appeared. She asked us whether she could try out walking & working as she’d seen her colleague Craig Tyson working away on his treadmill desk. We gave her a treadmill desk on trial to get some feedback from somebody who normally walks on high heels. When I checked in with Pnina, she was completely confused: “How is it possible to still write when walking?” Ambitiously marching off at 6km/h to have a good exercise she found herself not being able to write anymore. When we chatted about it we had...

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